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Smoking can reverse your facelift results.

Although a facelift focuses on the external features of your face, smoothing out sagginess and easing the appearance of lines and creases, what you put inside your body plays an important part in how well the surgical results hold up.

Smoking or using tobacco is one way to speed up the aging process and quickly reverse facelift results. The nicotine in cigarettes and other forms of tobacco disrupts blood flow. Decreased blood circulation in your skin keeps it from getting the nutrients it needs to stay youthful looking and smooth. Smoking also destroys the collagen in the dermal layer of the skin. Without collagen, your skin is more likely to sag or droop, since nothing is there to hold it up.

If you do smoke, you usually get a jumpstart on quitting before surgery, as most surgeons–including Dr. Nachlas–strongly advise quitting at least two weeks before a facelift procedure. Quitting before surgery and remaining smoke-free for at least two weeks afterwards cuts your risk for complications and helps your body heal more quickly after the surgery. Quitting is tough, but Dr. Nachlas can provide guidance to help you through it and to help you stay away from tobacco after your facelift procedure.

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