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Rhinoplasty is an exciting option for enhancing both the appearance and function of your nose. As a rhinoplasty specialist in Boca Raton, Dr. Nathan Nachlas understands that small changes in your nose’s appearance can have a big impact on your self-image. Add to that the important role the nose plays in breathing, and it’s clear that your nose surgery should be performed only by a highly experienced nose specialist. Dr. Nachlas has performed over 3,000 nose surgeries, all the while maintaining a remarkable patient satisfaction rate (read patient testimonials here).

Rhinoplasty Surgery: Do I Want Closed or Open?

At Dr. Nachlas’ office in Boca Raton, rhinoplasty can:

  • make the nose smaller, larger, narrower, or wider
  • change the angle or shape of the tip of the nose
  • remove a bump in nose
  • fix a crooked nose
  • correct any number of cosmetic concerns

Functional concerns, such as blockages or deformities which may affect breathing, drainage, and sense of smell, and may cause discomfort, can also be corrected by combining rhinoplasty and sinus surgery. Each rhinoplasty is unique, and Dr. Nachlas discusses in this blog different rhinoplasty procedures to help you determine which approach will result in the most natural looking, proportional nose for your face.

Open vs Closed Rhinoplasty

When patients visit Dr. Nachlas’s practice in Boca Raton for rhinoplasty, many already know which changes they would like made. Some changes can be made through a closed rhinoplasty, which is performed via incisions in the nostrils. Other nose surgeries require the open approach, which involves an incision under the tip of the nose. Dr. Nachlas will assess your nasal septum and turbinates, as well as evaluate your sinuses if needed. Dr. Nachlas will recommend the appropriate surgery to help you get the best aesthetic and functional rhinoplasty results.

With great experience in both closed rhinoplasty and open rhinoplasty, Dr. Nachlas will help you choose which approach best fits your goals and needs.

Open Rhinoplasty Approach

As an experienced nose surgeon, Dr. Nathan Nachlas understands that even minor modifications to the nose can have a noticeable influence on the overall appearance of the face. Changing the width or length of your nose, narrowing the nostrils, or eliminating a prominent bump can bring your nose into harmony with other facial features and enhance your natural beauty significantly. As a nose specialist, Dr. Nachlas will evaluate all structures of your nose prior to recommending nose surgery. These structures include the bones and cartilage of the outside of the nose, as well as the septum, sinuses and turbinates inside the nose. Having nose surgery in Boca Raton with Dr. Nachlas will help you look and feel your best.

Open rhinoplasty requires an incision across the columella (the vertical strip of tissue separating the nostrils). This approach offers Dr. Nachlas the best access to the interior structures of the nose, as opposed to closed rhinoplasty, which is better suited for more limited procedures. The scar that results from open rhinoplasty is small and well concealed on the underside of the base of the nose. Over time, this scar typically fades to become nearly invisible.

Typically, general anesthesia is required for an open rhinoplasty procedure, but Dr. Nachlas will discuss anesthesia options for your particular surgery. The surgical time for an open rhinoplasty typically ranges from 1 to 4 hours, depending on the extent of the changes required.

Closed Rhinoplasty Approach

Closed rhinoplasty is nose surgery that is performed using incisions inside the nostrils, as opposed to open rhinoplasty which is done through a small incision along the underside of the tip of the nose. This approach to nose surgery has several advantages, including incisions that are totally hidden within the nose, shorter surgical time, and a generally quicker and more comfortable recovery.

Options for reshaping the nose include removing a hump, altering the tip of the nose, narrowing the bridge or nostrils, or any combination that results in the right nose for your face. Not all nasal surgeries can be performed using the closed technique, and Dr. Nachlas will discuss with you whether this is an option for your procedure.

Closed rhinoplasty is usually performed under general anesthesia, though in some cases local anesthesia can be used. Dr. Nachlas can achieve excellent results through this scarless approach.

Rhinoplasty Recovery and Results | Revision Rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty Blog | Rhinoplasty Before and After | Images of the Nose

Before-and-after results from a Dr. Nachlas rhinoplasty patient.

Recovery varies for rhinoplasty patients, depending on age, skin consistency, the extent of the surgery, and whether this is a primary rhinoplasty or a revision rhinoplasty procedure. The nose will be splinted to help it heal properly in its new shape, and may be packed with gauze in some cases. Most patients will experience some mild swelling, bruising, and nasal stuffiness for the first few days after surgery, but find they can return to work in about a week. Nose surgery usually requires about a week of recovery time off of work. The nose will be splinted after surgery to help it retain its new shape while it heals. Mild bruising, swelling and stuffiness are common after rhinoplasty, but cold compresses and medication should provide relief from these discomforts. Although you can resume light activities after approximately a week, changes in the shape of the nose will take place over several months.

See before-and-after photos of Dr. Nachlas’s nose surgery patients. To learn more about improving the appearance and function of your nose through rhinoplasty, click here. Schedule a rhinoplasty consultation with Dr. Nachlas in Boca Raton: Call now at (561) 939-0909 or request an appointment.


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