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Before your facelift procedure, preparation is critical. That includes using sunscreen to protect your face.

In South Florida, it can be difficult to avoid exposing your face to the sun. However, protecting your face will help you maintain the results of your facelift. UV light from the sun accelerates the aging process, leading to age spots, lines, and wrinkles. It’s particularly important to avoid sun exposure during the first few weeks after your facelift. During that time, your healing skin will be especially sensitive to the sun. Sunlight can also cause your healing incisions to discolor, making them more visible.

If you haven’t started your surgery, it’s helpful to get in the habit of wearing sunscreen everyday; choose one with an SPF of at least 30. A combination product, such as a moisturizer that contains sunscreen, can make it easy to remember to apply. You can further protect your face from damaging UV rays by wearing a hat while outdoors, putting on sunglasses and minimizing time spent outside between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m., when the sun is at its most intense.


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Do you look in the mirror and see an aging face that does not reflect how you feel inside? As you age, your skin loses elasticity, wrinkles develop and facial tissue loses its youthful fullness. This process can start as early as your 30s. With advances in facial cosmetic surgery, Dr. Nathan Nachlas is able to help his patients achieve natural results. Specifically, his patients enjoy a more youthful appearance that helps them look as good on the outside as they feel on the inside.


This is a 55-year-old female with significant loss of skin elasticity and jowl formation. Facial cosmetic surgery restored a more youthful appearance to her neck and jaw line.

Dr. Nachlas stresses natural and subtle cosmetic procedures, which enhance rather than change one’s appearance. In his years of extensive training and experience in facial plastic surgery, Dr. Nachlas has developed advanced techniques for creating natural-looking results. He will work closely with you to determine treatment options that match your individual needs. As with all elective surgery, good health and realistic expectations are a must.

Successful facial plastic surgery is a result of a good rapport between patient and surgeon. Because each patient is different, your treatment plan should be customized for you. Dr. Nachlas will spend a good deal of time with you, discussing your procedure, your questions, and your goals in order to develop this individualized treatment plan.

Facial Cosmetic Surgery: What Are My Options?

To learn more about the facial cosmetic surgery procedures offered by Dr. Nachlas, click on these links:

If you’re looking for non-surgical cosmetic procedures, consider facial rejuvenation such as injectable fillers or other aesthetic services. To discuss which facial cosmetic surgery procedure is right for you schedule an appointment with Dr Nachlas.  Call Sandy Friedman, director of patient relations at (561) 939-0909 or you can also request an appointment.

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No one wants to look older than they feel, but sometimes your face ages faster than you would like. The Florida sun, repeated facial expressions and genetics all contribute to skin wrinkles. By your 40’s or 50’s, these wrinkles can alter your face’s appearance. To maintain your youthful face, Dr. Nathan Nachlas and his Boca Raton practice offer the minimal-downtime facelift, which can rejuvenate your face with natural-looking results.

Dr. Nachlas is a double-board-certified facial plastic surgeon. He trained at the renowned Yale-New Haven Hospital and Johns Hopkins Hospital. In addition, Dr. Nachlas earned a prestigious facial plastic surgery fellowship in Beverly Hills. During his extensive training, he learned advanced techniques in facial plastic surgery. His surgical skill is matched by the high level of personal attention he provides to each of his facial cosmetic surgery patients. It’s no wonder, then, that patients travel from West Palm Beach and Fort Lauderdale to see Dr. Nachlas.

Minimal-Downtime Facelift: Different In A Good Way


A minimal-downtime facelift, while a more limited procedure than the usual facelift, yields beautiful results.

Minimal-downtime facelift surgery addresses many of the same concerns that traditional facelift surgery does. The difference? Smaller and fewer incisions. This approach to facelift surgery is best suited for: 1) people with more moderate skin sagging and 2) those who would like a more limited procedure that still yields beautiful results.

The minimal-downtime facelift involves making short incisions. These incisions are made in front of and occasionally behind your ears. Don’t worry: They should not disrupt the hairline. Next, underlying facial tissue is repositioned and muscles are tightened, creating a more youthful foundation for your skin. Then, excess sagging or lax skin is removed. Finally, the skin is repositioned and held in place with tiny sutures. The result is firmer, lifted cheeks, smoother skin, and a sculpted, youthful-looking jaw line.

Dr. Nachlas performs minimal-downtime facelift surgery as an outpatient procedure, using general anesthesia for optimal patient comfort. The surgery typically takes 1 to 1.5 hours. The exception is if it is being performed in conjunction with other procedures such as eyelid surgery or nose surgery. Many patients find their minimal-downtime facelift results can be enhanced with injectable fillers. Dr. Nachlas’ practice in Boca Raton offers these as well.

Minimal-Downtime Facelift:   Recovery and Results

Dr. Nachlas will bandage your face overnight; minimal swelling is typical. He will make sure that you have prescription pain medication in case you need it to manage your discomfort. Over several weeks, Dr. Nachlas will monitor your recovery closely, and will let you know as soon as you can resume normal activities. Most patients typically return to work within 1 week.

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Smoking can reverse your facelift results.

Although a facelift focuses on the external features of your face, smoothing out sagginess and easing the appearance of lines and creases, what you put inside your body plays an important part in how well the surgical results hold up.

Smoking or using tobacco is one way to speed up the aging process and quickly reverse facelift results. The nicotine in cigarettes and other forms of tobacco disrupts blood flow. Decreased blood circulation in your skin keeps it from getting the nutrients it needs to stay youthful looking and smooth. Smoking also destroys the collagen in the dermal layer of the skin. Without collagen, your skin is more likely to sag or droop, since nothing is there to hold it up.

If you do smoke, you usually get a jumpstart on quitting before surgery, as most surgeons–including Dr. Nachlas–strongly advise quitting at least two weeks before a facelift procedure. Quitting before surgery and remaining smoke-free for at least two weeks afterwards cuts your risk for complications and helps your body heal more quickly after the surgery. Quitting is tough, but Dr. Nachlas can provide guidance to help you through it and to help you stay away from tobacco after your facelift procedure.

See before-and-after photos from Dr. Nachlas’s facelift patients here. Learn more about facelift options from Dr. Nachlas.

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