Photo Gallery: Face, Nose and Sinus Procedures

Dr. Nachlas treats a variety of advanced nose issues, from reduction rhinoplasty to augmentation rhinoplasty, from teenage surgery to surgery in the more mature nose, from closed rhinoplasty to open rhinoplasty, and from primary rhinoplasty to revision rhinoplasty.
Dr. Nachlas also specializes in aesthetically enhancing the face with dermal fillers and injections.

Additional books of before-and-after photos are available in our office. Please let us know if you have any questions.

- Nathan E. Nachlas, M.D. and staff

Photo Gallery -


This is a young man who had functional issues as well as concern about a long, drooping tip and dorsal prominence. This Total Nose Approach ™ procedure involved minimally invasive sinus surgery, repairing a deviated septum, reduction of the turbinates, and correction of the external issues with an open rhinoplasty technique, grafting to the lower nose to support the tip, and grafting to the middle nose to ensure an open and clear airway. At his one year postoperative visit, the functional issues have been resolved and the appearance is good.

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Nathan E. Nachlas, MD