Allergy Control in New Territory

Almost eighteen years of my life have passed and now it’s only weeks away… College! How exciting? I’ve been waiting all my life for it: from the first day of Kindergarten, I knew I was destined for greatness. Well, then it was more a Captain Underpants standing on your bed to feel mighty in your tighty whiteys kind of greatness, but now it’s a making connections and building new relationships kind of greatness. Having a new, fresh start has never been something to intimidate me. I see it as a welcoming challenge, an inviting escapade. That all seems great. But wait a minute. I don’t know anyone there, or anything there. I need to be prepared and feel prepared for the experience, and with that comes knowing my strengths and more importantly knowing my weaknesses. What would happen if I were walking to class and all the sudden I felt congested and tight? What if I got so sick I couldn’t even get out of bed to hit the free food buffet? Where would I go? The school infirmary? Well that’s good, if I knew where it was. The allergist in the area? Sure, if I had all the paperwork on hand. I know I like to talk about allergies and allergy control a lot, but its so important to know not only what they are but how to handle them, too.  Sublingual Allergy Drops for Allergy Control

Dealing With an Allergy Sufferer

I’ve always been the one with allergies, though; never the one at the table who sat and watched, clueless, as someone tightened up and clenched their eyes as they filled with tears. And what will that be like next year for those allergy sufferers? Is that the way you want to start your life as a college student? Well, I don’t know, but I’d say probably not.
So I wanted to get the perspective from a very dear associate of mine, Lindsay Siegel, to have a better understanding of what it’s like to have witnessed an allergy sufferer first hand and what it’s like to deal with one at any point in the day.

Lindsay discusses the first time she really noticed how bad my allergies really were, how spontaneous and bothersome (and sometimes even obnoxiously stressful) they can be, the burden they posed, and how I went about treating them (I’ll give you a hint: sublingual allergy drops).

Sublingual Allergy Drops and Allergy Control

Seeing an allergist or sinus doctor before going into new and unknown territory is a good idea so you can control your body and your symptoms. It’s never too late to start on sublingual allergy drops because they help with the long term goal of building immunity to common allergens, and it’s definitely worth it. You don’t want to be the one who has to make the half hour trip off the slopes and back to the hotel room to pop a pill or two. Master allergy control, for the sake of your loved ones. If you have any questions about allergy control or sublingual allergy drops, or even allergies in general, feel free to contact us below!

– Jake Nachlas

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1. After a decade of progressive improvements in Balloon Sinuplasty technology, this procedure is now empirically accepted as an excellent alternative for many sinus sufferers

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