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Second Hand Allergy Suffering: Master Allergy Control, Please

Allergy Control in New Territory Almost eighteen years of my life have passed and now it’s only weeks away… College! How exciting? I’ve been waiting all my life for it: from the first day of Kindergarten, I knew I was

Ways to “Breathe Easy” This Summer

  Jake Nachlas, Summer Intern to Nathan E. Nachlas, MD It’s Sunday afternoon, and you’re at the beach with your family. Or maybe you’re at the golf course enjoying a round of 18. It’s hot, so you keep reapplying sunscreen,

Summer Allergy Season: Game On!

Earth to Allergy Control Jake Nachlas, Summer Intern for Nathan E Nachlas, MD Hockey season just ended, and I don’t think I’m speaking for myself when I say it kept me at the edge of my seat the entire time.

7 Things You Should Know about Sinus Relief and Balloon Sinuplasty

1. After a decade of progressive improvements in Balloon Sinuplasty technology, this procedure is now empirically accepted as an excellent alternative for many sinus sufferers 2. During in office Balloon Sinuplasty , the surgeon inserts a small balloon in the

Wine Taster Seeks Job-Saving Sinus Treatment

Balloon Sinuplasty Patient Reviews Ferdi, a wine-tasting consultant in her 30s, was plagued by her chronic sinusitis and recurrent sinus polyps. Not only were the sinus polyps causing a blocked sinus cavity or nasal congestion, they were putting her job

Total Nose Approach: My Little Red Arrow

No matter where you are in life, it is an honor to be asked your opinion. It takes it to the next level to be asked to teach from your experience. It seemed like a basic task: Come to Florida

Balloon Sinuplasty Recovery: Athletes Win

Cassie Johnson was an outstanding high school soccer player.  As goalie, she was being recruited by many prestigious colleges.  When confronted with the possibility of having a procedure to relieve her chronic sinus suffering, her first question was, “How much

Athletes and The Nose: It’s About Energy

So I really hadn’t envisioned the details of this blog until several weeks ago, while I lay on the wet grass of transition area one at Ironman Augusta 70.3. For my colleagues who are unfamiliar with triathlons, the Ironman is

This Is Not Your Dad’s Sinusitis Treatment

So you’re in a rut. You suffer through your day congested, stuffy, and maybe even with a pounding headache. It could be allergies. It probably has taken its toll on your sinuses. All that sinus medicine at the pharmacy still

Chronic Sinusitis: New Therapies Available

Chronic Sinusitis: What Is It? Sinusitis affects over 37 million people each year and is one of the most common health problems in the United States. Symptoms can affect your sense of smell, decrease your ability to breathe, cause incapacitating sinus

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