1. Balloon sinuplasty is a minimally invasive technique used to gently dilate blocked openings of the sinuses, relieving such sinus symptoms as headache, congestion, and nasal obstruction.

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2. Balloon sinuplasty is safely and comfortably performed by sinus doctors in offices all over the United States and has been since its introduction over a decade ago. Balloon sinuplasty in the office can be done under local anesthesia, local anesthesia with oral medications to help relax the patient, or local anesthesia with IV sedation if the patient does not want to feel any discomfort.   This decision is made between the sinus doctor and the patient.

3. When compared to endoscopic sinus surgery, the results with in office balloon sinuplasty are similar. There are some patients who especially are well suited for in office balloon sinuplasty and some are better suited for traditional endoscopic sinus surgery. Make sure your sinus doctor has a strong experience with both techniques so that the right one is chosen.Balloon Sinuplasty by Nathan E. Nachlas, MD

4. Balloon Sinuplasty Reviews show this procedure to be safe, able to be performed quickly and with little discomfort to the patient, require minimal recovery time, and has excellent efficacy when performed on the right patient.

5. Your sinus doctor will evaluate you for this procedure, usually with a thorough history, physical, nasal endoscopy, and CAT scan of the sinuses. When indicated, allergy testing is often performed.

6. Based on the results of the above tests, and when medical management has not achieved the desired relief of symptoms, balloon sinuplasty may be offered.

7. Balloon sinuplasty cost may seem high when performed in the office. Compared with sinus surgery performed in the hospital, the cost of in office balloon sinuplasty includes the physician services, the facility cost, the cost of the disposable balloon device,, and the cost of anesthesia. When evaluating the total cost of this procedure to the patient, it is usually less than having the procedure performed in any other setting.

8. The three major balloon sinuplasty companies are Acclarent, Entellus, and Medtronic. All three produce excellent devices which are used by surgeons all over the United States. Most surgeons use two or more of the balloon options, as there may be preferences based upon specific clinical and anatomic issues.

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9. Stereotactically guided balloon sinuplasty was first performed in the United States in 2014. This adds the extra precision of computer guidance to the balloon placement. This is a very desirable feature in certain situations, especially in revision sinus surgery.

10. Choosing the right sinus doctor is important, just as it would be for choosing a physician in any specialty. Ask your physician how long he has been performing the procedure he is recommending, and thoroughly check out his credentials. Also check out balloon sinuplasty reviews, as they will often describe specific experiences with this procedure.   Make sure that you are comfortable not only with the physician, but also with his staff.

Nathan E. Nachlas, MD is a double board certified physician, certified by the American Board of Otolaryngology, and the American Board of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. He has been a pioneer in the field of nasal and sinus surgery for over three decades.

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