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Nathan E Nachlas talks about the allergies and nasal sinusitisThe nose, throat and eyes may often suffer most from illness. The nose may run, the throat may be sore, and the eyes may water. The causes for these symptoms can vary; a change in weather, a cold, allergies, or nasal sinusitis may be to blame. ABC News reported, “Thirty-five million Americans suffer from nasal allergies and 7 million suffer from chronic sinus infections, yet most people can’t tell the difference between these two conditions.” When you are determining your symptoms, consider the following indicators. You may differentiate between allergies and sinusitis symptoms.

The Severity

Although allergies may be severe, a sinusitis infection may have worse symptoms. The pressure around the eyes and nose can be cause for discomfort. Sore throat and a stuffed nose can be more intense than traditional allergies.

The Symptoms

An indicator of allergies can include watering, or itching eyes. Meanwhile, a sinus infection more often includes pressure, sore throat, and headache. Again, these symptoms usually appear worse than with allergies.

The Timing

Allergies may be seasonal; you may experience them around the same time every year. A sinus infection, however, is not ignited by pollen or spores. Rather, sinus infections can follow allergies or colds. The cold or allergy may allow infection to overcome your otherwise stronger immune system.

When you have determined that your symptoms are caused by allergies, you may try different medicines for help. If you believe your symptoms are more related to chronic sinus infection, you can visit our Boca Raton location for help. We offer sinus surgery for chronic sinus infections not treated with medication.

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