Patient with Nose Problems | Had a Stuffy Nose at NightLooking good feels great! Taking a breath of fresh air with an asthetically pleasing nose is a wonderful feeling. For patients who undergo rhinoplasty with Nathan E. Nachlas, M.D., this is particularly true. That’s because Dr. Nachlas’s total approach to rhinoplasty corrects not only the visible concerns you have about your nose like a crooked nose or a deviated septum, but also the functional concerns that can affect your physical well-being. Perhaps that is why so many of Dr. Nachlas’s rhinoplasty patients are referrals from former patients or medical professionals. His warm and reassuring demeanor makes you feel at ease before your surgery, and the results he creates keep you feeling good long after.

Having Nose Problems?

Changing the shape of the nose can enhance your looks and confidence, and improve your breathing at the same time. At Dr. Nachlas’s Boca Raton practice, he performs rhinoplasty for patients who would like to reshape, reduce, or augment their noses for both cosmetic and functional reasons. Patients of all ages and ethnicities seek the highly specialized training of Dr. Nachlas to improve both the form and the function of their noses.

A former assistant chief of surgery at the world-renowned Johns Hopkins hospital, Dr. Nachlas is one of few surgeons to offer the “total nose” approach to rhinoplasty, in which sinus and breathing issues can be corrected without the need for multiple surgeries.

If you would like to learn more about changing the form and function your nose for the better, request your consultation with Nathan Nachlas, M.D.

Rhinoplasty: What Is It?

Rhinoplasty is performed to reshape the nose in a number of ways, including removing a hump, narrowing the nostrils, altering the angle of the tip, or narrowing the bridge. Many patients–who come from as far away as West Palm Beach, Boca Raton and Fort Lauderdale–seek rhinoplasty to correct birth defects, injuries, sinus issues or breathing problems, either alone or in combination with cosmetic changes. In either case, the goal is to achieve a natural-looking nose that functions well and is appropriately balanced with the rest of the facial features. Most of us have seen a “bad” nose job, which is usually one in which the nose is out of proportion with the rest of the face. A good rhinoplasty is a subtle enhancement of the nose that Mother Nature gave you, and will make a noticeable improvement in your appearance, without looking artificial or “worked on.”

Rhinoplasty: How It’s Performed | Open vs Closed Rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty is accomplished by altering the internal nasal framework which lies beneath the skin of the nose. Dr. Nachlas accesses the interior of the nose either through incisions made within the nostrils – called a closed rhinoplasty – or through a small incision along the underside of the nose – called an open rhinoplasty. At the same time, procedures to correct a deviated septum, sinusitis and other airway issues can be performed. When the internal work is complete, the skin is repositioned over the new nasal framework and sutured closed.

Rhinoplasty Recovery and Results | Getting Rid of Your Crooked Nose

Results and recovery are subject to numerous variables, including age, skin thickness, the patient’s bone structure, facial proportion, previous injuries, and other factors. Most patients can expect to experience mild swelling, bruising, and stuffiness for a few days following surgery. Typically, patients return to work in about a week. Complications from rhinoplasty occur very rarely and Dr. Nachlas’s years in practice and specialized training contribute to his particularly high rate of success.

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